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Level 2 Ivalua Buyer Application and Administrative Support


Level 2 Ivalua Buyer Application and Administrative Support


Ensure uninterrupted procurement operations

Backed by extensive experience from over a decade of maintaining Ivalua Buyer projects, Run Team can ensure uninterrupted procurement operations to meet target SLAs. Highly skilled and versatile staff – Ivalua certified Application Engineers, Integration Specialists and Database Engineers can handle any kind of emergency. Two locations worldwide (EMEA and APAC) guarantee high availability over any circumstances.


Application support for Ivalua

    • Monitoring, analysis and responsiveness to reported tickets (also providing ticketing tool)
    • Providing issue workaround if possible, until target fix finalization
    • Correction of all reported bugs that can be done via the use of configuration tools of Ivalua Buyer
    • Coordination of bug corrections and other escalations to L3
    • Preparation of delivery containing fixes and improvements, secured by QA process
    • Proactively monitoring of system’s performance to ensure performance issues prevention
    • Ability to collect requirements, design and develop new functionalities in Change Request process
    • Regular status reporting and contact maintenance with customer

Optional services – Administrative support for Ivalua

  • Answer to questions related to Ivalua Buyer Functionalities
  • Manage Taxonomy data
  • Manage Organization structure data
  • Manage Currency conversion
  • Admin workflow activities:
    • Can reverse approval workflow
    • Reassign validation task to other user
  • Manage users accounts:
    • Profile assignment
    • Taxonomy assignment
    • Organization assignment
    • Creation of additional user accounts
    • Reassignment users authority when previous user will be inactive
  • Manage dictionary data that do not require tag delivery

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Digital Procurement Platform Services


Ivalua Platform Implementation

OptiBuy has been successfully implementing the Ivalua platform since 2009. Our extensive experience is reflected in over 40 successful projects across 31 clients in various sectors.

Quality Assurance Services for Ivalua

Quality Assurance for Ivalua is ideal for customers who are expanding the system's use post-Go-Live, adding new Ivalua modules, or enhancing the system.

Ivalua Level 2

Leveraging more than a decade of experience in maintaining the Ivalua platform, our Run Team guarantees uninterrupted procurement operations to meet target SLAs.

Category Management within Ivalua

Manage your categories effectively within Ivalua by combining organizational data with high-quality category and commodity intelligence from Amplifi PRO in a single interface. 

Supplier Sustainability Risk Management (LkSG Act)

Supplier sustainability risk management with Ivalua & IntegrityNext. Ensure compliance with the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG).


for Ivalua

Maximize Efficiency With AI-Powered Sourcing. Optimize your procurement with our AI-Powered Sourcing tool, integrated directly into the Ivalua platform.

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